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Our team

We are always eager to connect with talented individuals who possess a strong passion for metal fabrication and are seeking opportunities to work and thrive in the world’s foremost liveable city. With a rich history spanning over three decades on the north shore, we enjoy the advantage of easy access to the sea and mountains, offering unparalleled opportunities for skiing, hiking, kayaking, and mountain biking – an exceptional blend of work and lifestyle.

At our company, our team members exemplify exceptional communication skills and a profound sense of personal accountability, ensuring that each project is approached with utmost dedication to delivering optimal outcomes for our valued customers consistently.

Our team comprises Highly Skilled Journeymen Fabricators, each boasting a minimum of 8 years of industry experience across a diverse range of architectural metal and miscellaneous stainless, steel, and aluminum fabrication, coupled with extensive expertise in welding techniques. Committed to continuous learning and driven by a deep sense of pride in their craft, they willingly share their wealth of knowledge and experiences.

Becomes Part of the Team

Annually, we actively seek to recruit one or two Outstanding Apprentices who stand out as top performers within their class. Their relentless drive and unwavering commitment to honing their fabrication skills across various domains make them invaluable additions to our team. From the very outset, they invest in their growth, taking responsibility for the quality and efficiency of their work.

At the helm of our operations, our Dedicated Professional Estimators/Project Managers bring to bear their extensive fabrication knowledge, adept Solidworks drafting skills, and exceptional organizational and communication abilities. Guiding projects from conception to completion, they play a pivotal role in ensuring seamless project management, right from design and quotation stages.

If you share our passion for metal fabrication and seek to be part of a dynamic and thriving team in an extraordinary location, we eagerly welcome your interest in joining our ranks. Together, we can create metalwork excellence while enjoying the boundless beauty and adventure that surrounds us.

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